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Can I rewind

I keep thinking bout to the past
Starting to feel like samauri jack
Just gotta get back
Start all over from the begining
Maybe everything would of turned out different
But thats not how one moves forward
I still have a whole life to look towards
But still im looking for more
Maybe I already lost my best sword
Maybe this is a lesson I gotta learn
Maybe it just wasn’t my turn
If its not to late I would love to rewind time
Reclaim whats mine
Proceed to shine
On top of the world with me as ya girl
But see there is no rewind it is what it was
Shit got bad when we both lost trust
And plus
We was at totally different stages
Its not even about our ages
You was doing shit and i def couldnt tame you
I cant blame you
Back then I didnt realize the things i do today
You never gave me the chance and I really didnt wanna blame
Its a shame
We both wanted to keep this flame
Caught up in growing up
Changed us and shit just wasnt the same
Still no rewind
I gotta accept whats in front of me
Even though these feelings deep inside
Weighing a ton on me
Thats why I stay high
But its still no help
I cant just hang the thoughts of u on a shelf
When I lost u it feels like i lost myself
What the fuck
Im not understanding why I still havent given up
I keep hearing mama u beautiful everyday
And that makes it a lil tough
Cause i dont here that enough
Maybe thats why i miss u so much
Cause nobody gave me that typa love
But so what
You seem just fine
And im sitting here waiting for chance to hit rewind

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    The hottest love always has the coldest end.