Can this be

My heart is imprinted like tattoo on my sleeve.
A forgein object not so discreet.
Warmth and chills got me on my knees feeling weak dripping ink.
His smile kills not following a beat.
I'm addicted to his laugh and high on his crease
His lips so soft and full of wonders
His voice a ghost in my mind chasing away what I pondered.
Watermelon a vibration with vines that endured.
Although a good theme chocolate is more our conjured
Your hand in my hand not quiet friends
But not quiet pals but this story could be a while.
My heart yearns to listen to his and cradle his warmth that he compiled.
How can this be so scary...
My heart is a clock counting down a bomb that I want to defuse.
But I can't refuse the feeling that is clumsy and confused.
How can this chaos be beautiful?
My words tumble out and out of my control.
Starting a war with the untouchable.
One conversation.
A misstep and a tumble.
Blowing up my tracks an epiphany I wanted to retract.
Everything. Happens. For a reason.
Silence. A buzz in my head with no choice to look ahead.
No longer time to condescend the rainbow.
No matter what happens, no matter what you've seen. There are still more colors to me. Just look up and see.

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