Can u imagine

Now can you imagine,
A life without the pain,
A life without the struggles,
That most of our days will bring,
I can only imagine,
The beauty of most things,
Cause when the beauty's gone,
It's truly not the same,
Can u imagine,
If hate just went away,segragation,
Would have no home
Motivation some could say,
Cause at the end of the day,
We all have human D.N.A,
But are we alone,
Other species may come one day
In peace, The peaceful way,
I amagine, that crime.
Wasn't so offen made,
And gun wasn't on display,
And our schools was the safest place for our kids to be all day,
I imagine in time,
Our ambition will lead our way,
And Peace be the thing to say .

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