Can We?

Remember when we would get up when the sun was at its peak
And take the day by its hands?
Back when nap-time was the devil
And recess seemed like God's gift to life.
Back when scraped knees went unnoticed
And Grandma's house was the epitome of love?
When summer days cruised by in a speed made for you,
Back when guns only came in forms filled with water
And fights happened at twelve and were forgotten by one?
Let's go back to cursing on the playground
And telling on your brother for calling you stupid.
Can we go back to homemade tents and girls-only club houses?
Can we go back to hanging out at the arcade till six
'Cause you thought you were grown?
Let's go back to block parties
And the Harlem day parade.
Can we get back to hula-hoops and manhunt?
Let's get back to that lost beat, to some song that shook your house,
But the words couldn't quite find your window.
Can we go back to long nights filled with laughter?
Can we go back to when time wasn't a part of your worries?
Let's just go back to a place when everything was good,
Even when they were bad-
Let's just go back.

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