Can you feel it

Close your eyes. Can you feel it? Can you feel my pain?
Pain, within these words I will submit, or my tears that are dropping on this tainted ink. My God, are my shoulders now heavy, the weight suppressed my emotions into this physical state of pain.
I am screaming inside, while outside
things remain the same.
I saw my reflection in this pool of raindrops and mud, while cold winter wind blows my scarf around. I tilt just enough to catch a look.
Who is this girl? She looks so tired and worn out, like a wounded soldier, or a creek after drought.
I do not know this stranger with dark chestnut eyes, I have not seen before, those thin, but wide lips. That long, dark and dense brown hair reminds of a painting I had.
I wish I could help her, but I sense I am far away, not nearly close enough to tell her it is going to be okay.
Wind suddenly intensifies, blowing away my vision in the muddy pool, all that is left is my face and the heavy cognition of the truth.
Can you feel it? Can you feel my burden now?
I sat on the cold pavement, numb.
In a second a teardrop touched my thigh, I closed my eyes in hopes that pain would leave my soul.
How foolish of me, like I do not know.
This pain is mine, It is part of me, if only I could learn how to live with it.

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