Can You Feel the Sun

Once I had a brother
and he told me he loved the sun
He told me
She bathes us in warm light and makes the daisies bloom
And I was young when he died
so I brought daises to his grave every day
and asked him how they smelled
and asked him
Can you feel the sun today
But I continued to grow
and as years passed my days filled
I began my own life
and time often slipped away
On a stormy day I went to visit him
and I saw the daises
but they were no longer white
and the petals fell limp amongst the brown stems
I picked up the dead flowers
and they crumbled in my hand
I knelt down into the grass
and placed my head against his stone
I shivered as rain seeped into my socks
but I knew he couldn’t hear me
so I asked him
Can you feel the sun today

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