Can You Hear Me


Listen to me child I hear you can you hear me?
Come down from there come down please
Its atan whispers you hear come hand me your fear
You don’t recognize my voice? I’ll come closer
I died now ive for you you are making a bad choice
Focus on my voice over here now can you hear me?
This is not something child you really wanna do

Social Media cyberbullying sexual abuse
Has seized many teens many lives such as you
Remove that cord please from around your neck
Don’t you kick that stool Please take a deep breath
Don’t pull that trigger I see you too I’ll give you rest
I’m so sorry no one shared my love with you
Allow me to be the father you never knew

Please don’t Jump child move away from the edge
I really do understand I suffered pain my blood was shed
Suicide is not the answer look at me take my hand
Come-on yes you can I see your eyes you don’t really wanna die?
Families will cry receive my love let me love on you first
Then decide

You’ve made the right decision my child not taking your life
I’m proud of you Joy and peace comes without price
You are gifted special the world needs you now come to me
You have much to offer I’ll teach you my word my truth
Trust me its okay to let-go you are almost there
I’ll catch you I love you I promise I won’t let go


Emily Mathis
30 June 2019

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