Can You Hear Me?

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I sometimes sit and wonder why the good people always finish last.
It seems like to prosper in life you have to have survived a bad past.
I'm a good person, true indeed, so why is this happening to me?
I'm too good for this, I deserve more. than this.
I deserve more than stabs in my back and two-faced hisses from lips.
I'm blessed because I have things most people don't,
So I refuse to give up, I just won't.
God didn't make me weak this way and I'm too good to be sad everyday.
I can't wait until I'm blessed with happier, brighter days
When God showers my son and I with his loving sunrays.
I know God loves me from my beginning to my end.
But besides God, my son and boyfriend, my happiness runs real thin.
Can anyone tell me why God's toughest soldiers suffer the most again?
Sometimes it feels like my prayers are unheard
Even though I pray and read the word.
I know it sounds like I'm losing my faith and hopes but. nope.
I'm just discouraged, at the most.
It's the loneliness when there is no one else to go to
And the one person you could go to, besides God, is in Heaven too.
And neither one of them answers you.
It's lonely feeling like you're on your own, trying to make it--alone.
I guess that's God's test to rely on him only, but yet
It seems like no one's there, my God, I think my faith needs a reset.
I know I shouldn't feel this way and my conscience feels the same;
I just need a reassurance that my prayers are not in vain
And that somebody can hear my pain!
Can you hear me?!

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This Poems Story

I'm Michelle Henderson, a young poet residing in Fayetteville, NC. I'm engaged and the mother of a wonderful eight-year-old boy who is the inspiration to my poetry. The inspiration behind "Can You Hear Me?" comes from losing my mother in 2014 to cancer--from battling grief to feeling alone when my prayers feel like they're going unanswered. In all actuality, God has been there the whole time. God is good.