Can You Hear My Heart?

She looks at me hopeful, with love in her eyes.
The streetlight shines, and I feel her embrace
She tells me she loves me, and gives me a hug
For what can I say?
Because I do not love...
I do not love her and all that she is
I do not love her, it's my greatest sin.
As the time passes her hope turns to fear,
And her face crumbles into the misty air.
My heart is pounding, I can feel all the stress.
But I will not lie;
It's completely unfair to pretend I love her
When my heart has not a care.
Can you hear her heart?
Can you hear her heart breaking?
I'm afraid I can hear it all too well.
The world is spinning, "I'm sorry," I say.
Her hope is now turned to madness, destruction and grief.
Her soul is destroyed. Her heart is broken.
And her appearance is wrecked.
I hope she still knows she is beautiful.
"You are beautiful," I say, but she walks away.
Can you hear my heart?
Can you hear my heart breaking?
I wish that I loved her, I wish that I did,
But feelings are uncontrollable
And love is a mystery
So we will be sad now
Until love comes again.

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