Can You Move a Mountain?

Sitting on my porch watching the sun go down
Looking at the base of the mountain
A man stands there wearing an old gold robe.
Expanding his arms, the burgundy lining from his robe
Connects with the sunbeams
And the mountain explodes into a blood-red sunset.
I Hear a voice echoing through the mountain,
"Did I not tell you you can move mountains with your faith?"
And on command, the mountain moves back.

Dazed from what I just saw,
My dog jumps on my lap. While petting him,
A flock of birds lands next to the tree before me.
Feeding on the seeds that have fallen,
They get their fill and off into the
Wonders of the universe they fly.
Do they say Master how will we eat tomorrow?
No! For they have trust in God.
He has made every one of them and named them,
So what happens to man?
For God knew us before we were born
And had an intimate friendship with us.
Yet we question Him and are disobedient to Him.
The birds fly free yet we are shackled by our own will.
God said, "You can move mountains with your faith."

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