Can You See?

The look of happiness in her eyes see her body full of life,
notice closely at the scars with all the wandering eyes,
tension of the stares she smiles laughs, ha she don't care,
she knows there's judgement people talk
you see her scars they show a lot,
that girl is still here and will be for many years,
she heard the rumors all those lies,
all people do is hear not look through their eyes,
you don't like her look away, that girl you see she's here to stay,
what she really wants to do is get her message through,
this generation is so messed up, with many people so corrupt,
mouths creating suicides with every rumor and lie,
what are people thinking putting people in dark places,
some kids can't take in all this pain,
open your eyes put yourself on their train,
the rail they go, their self esteem falls real low,
no one wants to feel like that,
your buddies giving you a pat on the back,
thinking it's all fun and games calling people all these names,
yeah you can say you're joking but inside kids are really choking,
look on the news, you see that kid,
that kid is now gone, because of words that have been said
would you want to be that kid? Ha no you wouldn't,
that kid doesn't even want to be that kid,
so learn to think before you talk, something you couldn't do,
try putting yourself in that kid's shoes that being you on the news

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This Poems Story

I was born and raised in Mesa, AZ. My parents have been divorced since I was two. I have a twenty-six-year-old brother. I just recently discovered my passion for writing in summer of 2015. Poetry is my way of sharing my story and what I see in this world, to help you see too. The purpose of my poem "Can You See?" is wanting to be heard, to show you all that you're not alone. The world can be cruel but together we can make change for the better.