In the end, we start anew,
everything we disregarded now rings true.
Existing before Paul was struck by the light,
before the Templars were called to fight.
When a plague of rats wiped the slate clean,
with a darkness looming over unseen.
Abraxas or Kali grinning as night turns to day,
to the executioners delight and the children's dismay.
A cold, windowless cinderblock cell in the synapses,
as boredom and self-importance traps us.
From afar, she rises from above the minds vibration,
as the predator retreats, now needing only to be patient.
Two bodies borrowing oxygen in unison,
With nothing to do but listen.
Two pairs of eyes experiencing life in mysterious auras,
with sincerity as strong as the horns of Taurus.
Silence in all its glory,
as the guided hand now finishes the

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