Young and carefree, believing that life and time is in the present
when suddenly a cold wash of water runs over me
it's colour dark as midnight,
it made my heart froze, like frost had began in the dead of winter.
I stood in the barren land, as everything died around me.
At that moment, I lost my breath.
It was gone, why had I been so naive?
Why had I not know?
I felt the warmth fade, I was cold.
I fall to my knees and sobbed,
my life had changed forever.
In that moment of morbid realization that what I cherished left,
a warm light began to rise,
it was the sun with all its glory and light.
The rays of sunlight so filled with energy,
it was a gasp of air.

This air was sweet filled with promise, I look down
and on my chest was a scar
to remind me to cherish life,
to live to the fullest that at any moment anyone
and anything can be taken
but with every sunset there soon follows an even more
magical sunrise.

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