I still remember the day she told us.
The day our lives changed.
It was a scary experience
But hope held us tight.

I still remember the day of the surgery.
It was on their anniversary
Yet she had to stay at the hospital
While needles poked at her like bee stings.

So many doubts and so many fears clouded my mind.
What if the surgery doesn’t work?
What if it comes back?
What if
What if
What if
Yet there was only one thing I never doubted for a second;
She would survive.

I still remember the day I came back from camp
To see her lying in bed, watching TV.
I wanted to hug her so hard but I knew that would just hurt her more.

I spent my time watching TV with her.
Making my own lunch when she couldn’t get out of bed.
Worrying about her.

I still remember the day she came home from an appointment
With laughter in her eyes
And a goofy grin on her face.

She opened her mouth and out came only two words.
Two words that made us be overcome with joy.
Cancer free.

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