Cancer Diagnosis Upon Me

I got news from the doctor's not happy but, it's the main factor.
I'm feeling terrified and all alone with so much pain in my bones.
I'm abandoned and scared with fear because I now have cancer.
It's a scar in life, a diseased creator, wish it would've came later.
Am I considered differently because feelings don't matter apparently
everyone just avoids me over time the truth comes out letting me see.
Why'd you leave when I needed you the most.
I'm paying the cost with my life, the pain is stabing me with a knife.
I will survive through this cancer yelling,
screaming and crying please answer me,
why is God doing this to me? Can't you see that this is bad.
I thought I gave it my best now I'm down and sad.
The heart feels broken with fear while my eyes start to shed tears.
Leaving loved ones behind as I start to clear my mind
looking upon the good memories,
I'm no longer worried as I tell my story.
Sharing my love and feelings of despair but no one else seems to care,
I look up at the stars fighting my stage of cancer without any rage
speaking out losing what meant the most
as your spirit drifts into a ghost.

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