So swiftly news came when they finally took the time
To hear the complaint and not just a whine
How quickly all changed in everyone's lives
When they finally realized that someone might die.

How galling the false words and sympathy appeared
For when the newness waned they all disappeared
So quickly you find who's really beside
As the time flies and treatments arrive.

How swiftly its presence sends cracks through the lines
That bind family, friends, and others beside
As temperaments flare in the face of unfair
For cancer does not discriminate or care.

It's easier to bury the feelings it brings
Than face the reality that fuels these things
And it hurts to be made to watch while they fight
When nothing you do will help them this time.

How often you wonder long into the night
Why cancer chose your loved one to fight
And why all the little things come into light
When nothing else can be alright.

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This Poems Story

Four months ago, my family's lives were turned upside down when my mother was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer. She didn't present with typical symptoms, so the tumor was caught very late. Thankfully, the treatments have been successful so far. However, the road to get here has been hard and fraught with strife. My family has gone through a lot recently, and when I put pen to paper to write this work, I hoped to convey that.