Candidate Hillary

Candidate Hillary: String Theory
Dr. Michael La Crone
Candidate Hillary, campaigning still,
Her closet life, a banker's shill;
Who will she serve? Strangely funny!
She doesn't serve people; she serves people with money.

Making speeches, retirement gold;
Political puppet, bought and sold!
Voice of the people, elitist mocks;
Her lips are moving, while a banker talks.

Servant of money, a duplicitous sham;
Democracy rule, she don't give a damn!
Something to hide, political feign;
Shadow deals, illusive gain!

Opponent Sanders, revealing the facts;
Criminal bankers, fraudulent acts!
Senator Sanders, honest to the core;
Will show the bankers, a jailhouse door.

No woman presidents, chauvinist crime;
Equal to men, it's about time!
Committed trust, morality brings;
A woman candidate, without the strings.

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