Candle light in the dark

Staring into the flame.
A longing for a feeling once raging inside.
Once there was so much passion,
So much love.
Over time it has dwindled away.
All night talking and laughing,
Now a quick kiss as he rolls over.
As you lay there contemplating,
Where did the magic go?
Are you still enough?
Peacefully he drifts off to sleep.
Longing to feel that touch,
The warmth you once felt next to him.
Tears burning your eyes.
Staring at that flame,
Wishing for it to burn brighter,
Something to give you a glimmer of hope.
The fire you once had must be in there
Hidden under the stress of life,
You feel the pain in your heart,
Rolling over pushing your body against his.
Dreaming of feeling his love once more.

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