"so dots are our candy now :)"
he said after we had bought them and intimately exchanged them.
i didn't even like dots. i hated dots. until then.
the chewy, sticky, never-come-off-your-teeth candies
were from that point forever a sensitive memory.
in a good way at first!
after it all, dots went back to their original status in my mind.
the tacky gummies which always left an odd taste in my mouth
now left the same impression on my mind.
sour patch kids create the same effect.
they were always a second choice,
but those two a d o r e d them.
so i loved them too! what great thoughts i had
whenever i saw a bag of those sour things.
whenever i would buy him a bag, just
because i knew he loved them.
i hope he appreciated those $3 i would spend on him.
maybe he didn't-- he never returned the favor.
did he know what i loved? good & plentys.
the "nasty" candy. the "throw away" halloween candy.
yet my favorite. i always got a slight stomach ache
because i could never stop eating them. did he know that?
did he know i loved those little pink and white pills?
maybe he did. it is hard to forget when someone
freaks out about a box of black licorice, so i'm sure he knew.
he probably made fun of me for it.
ew. black licorice? who would dare eat that.
who would dare do that. who would dare be so annoying
as to have their own thoughts.

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