Cangas De Onis

The morning mist captivates,
the Mistle Thrush resonates Cangas de Onis.
There begins our aimless journey,
more the pleasant drift.
Mi guitarra toca la Luna y el Sol,
mi amante canta, mueve las estrellas.

Mi amor secreto, my unfortunate heart,
laments my disenchanted notion.
My only love, your discerning heart,
deceives our splendid intention.
Stay then my love, stay this occasion.
Where then lies forevermore, there together our embrace.

The reverie now betrayed, the silence portends,
serenades our mysterious Encanto.
The pretentious veil of the trailing scented vine,
captures our innocent breath.
Rouse thy mirthful rumour! Fierce now the Flamenco gitano!
At once desperate our thoughtful render.

Fades again the discontented spring, the Skylark's farewell,
the Matador's final sigh.
Mi amor ardiente, the forlorn wait perseveres,
the promise for a single moment, nor we vanquish our despair.
One lasting gaze, one final glimpse, so ends our reprise.
Now, and forevermore,always you are there in my Spanish Dream.

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