Can’t Forget

I can't forget the change in your voice whenever your favorite song played
The way you smiled when you caught me staring
Or the way it felt to be close to you
I can't forget it because it's ingrained in my head like a beautiful nightmare
I thought I was dreaming
Thought I had ascended to Heaven and met an angel
But I'd been tricked by the devil
A wolf in sheepskin pretending to care
You are the lie I fell in love with
The one that helped me sleep so many nights
Now, you're just the nightmare that keeps me awake
When my demons came knocking, you were my shield
Now, you're betraying me and every secret I ever told

Are you happy?
You've broken me
You've shredded every ounce of hope I once possessed
You were ruining me, and I didn't even notice
I let you destroy who I was and what I believed in
And I will never forgive myself for that

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