Can’t have us all


Who knew we'd wake up to a sickness outside,
Unable to comprehend all of it, the worst was yet to unwind.
Challenges were just beginning and it was about to get worse,
People were getting sick, countries were shutting down, hospital staff were overworked.
Supplies were short, panic set in,
The pandemic was real, Covid exist!
Required to wear a mask everywhere you go,
At first it seemed hostile but the fear was unknown.
Deprived the right to visit loved ones and friends,
Kids were pulled from school, it just seemed like the end.
Loved ones were passing so many lives have been lost,
The year 2020 has not been anyone's favorite year at all.
If loosing a loved one wasn't enough,
Now millions of people were loosing their jobs.
Let's just say a litte prayer, Let's put all our negative thoughts to rest,
We can't let covid make us bitter, we can't let it make us heartless.
We all have a place in this world so lets make it count,
We have to fight for humanity, we will make it out.
Kiss your loves ones good night, video call a friend, don't stop spreading love this is not the end.

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