Can’t You Tell

Can't you tell?
They say they've lived there lives on borrowed time because they
chose to fight a different kind of crime.
They fought to keep our country free they fought for you and me.
They left theirfamilies behind mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters,
wives and children too.
Many men died and a few more survived.
So why can't you listen when they talk about what they saw and
what they had to do.
They still have nightmares and flashbacks too
they wake up scared and jump at little sounds.
Can't you tell?
They take nothing for granted each day is precious.
God gave them a second chance and many of them have done their best
to make the best of dance we call life.
Something many of us take for granted and simply expect.
Can't you tell?
There's a look in their eyes saying they've faced
death and survived.
It wasn't easy and we live free today because of what they did.
So you can say whatever you want but I'll shake the hands of these
heroes proudly and say thank you I live free today because
you had the courage to take a stand and I pray you'll do the same.
They've more than earned it and they deserve our love and respect.
Can't you tell?

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