Can't You Understand?

They say they're done, a waste of space
no one will miss them anyway.
Their portions get smaller, their bathroom trips longer
and still they insist they're okay.
They get called attention seekers, fat and worthless,
that their cutting is just a game.
Boys are meant to be strong, girls are meant to be thin,
at least that's what the media paints.
We are led like cattle to strive for perfection
and us kids suffer everyday.
We decorate our bodies to express our self hate,
no one pays attention anyway.
Yet when we're found out, we get scorned for our scars,
told to toughen up and continue the game.
We trudge and forge on, smiling through our tears,
I guess death is our inevitable fate.
Anorexia, bulimia, anxiety, depression--
oh wait, I forgot that's fake.
But what don't you understand when they say they're hurting
that they smile to mask their pain?
Why don't you understand that we're fragile and oh so very easy to break.
I know I'm young but what this world really needs
is for the adults to please understand.

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