Captivating Stare

Your eyes linger in my direction a moment too long
The feelings I feel for you are wrong.
I am thirteen years older.
You were three when I graduated high school.
Twenty years later I could be as old as your mom.
In school my senior year I never had a prom.
In class like at work I am no one anyone likes.
Even though I am straight & not a dyke.
I guess to me males aren't attracted.
They treat me like waste that's been extracted.
On the phone or Facebook I am never contacted.
Disgust, loathing, & rejection is how it's reacted.
Never be someone's bitch.
To scratch their needy itch.
Be the boss of yourself today & make the switch.
Work ethics were bended.
Selfishness from a user needing rides we both tended.
Charming, friendly, & admiration isn't mended.
Complaints about me is what you sended.
Enemies in the workplace who vandalized your Ford focus you befriended.
Your dark brown eyes look offended.
Toward me a favor or compliment is never lended.
Politeness & sincerity is just pretended.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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