They burn with the night in glorious fire,
A glimpse into that which we cannot see,
The day is gone as our eyes fill with tire,
But the weary stay awake to be free.
Grace cannot be captured effortlessly,
Yet only the blind can see true beauty,
We cloud our vision continuously,
With the world's chaos and stupidity.
Yet they hold so much unknown to us,
The past is kept within their tight grasp,
We reach up to capture their gleaming lust,
But their light, in our palms, will never last.
They captivate those searching for their blaze,
Others caught by the world are trapped in a haze.

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This Poems Story

Hello. I am an enthusiastic freshman in high school. I have always loved and enjoyed writing. My poem is describing the stars and their beauty. I am constantly fascinated by the stars. Whenever I look at them, they captivate me. The main point of my poem is to show people to see the beauty in little things, for there are so many unknown wonders in the world. After I graduate college, I would like to travel the world and write about its many unknown wonders, places and cultures to help others realize the beauty surrounding them.