Captive to the Memories

I can't sleep in the dark nor in the quiet of the night
If I lay still too long they start to haunt me
Reminding me of the terrors that the night has brought before

I am bruised and broken yet no one seems to see
I'm in the bedroom screaming, yet my world remains silent
I have seen the terrors of the night and I relive them everyday
I thought with time the memories would begin to fade away
that normalcy would then resume and I would be ok

I guess I was wrong to believe that all that goes away
Am I always to be captive to these memories
that hold their grip so fierce?
I dream of one day being freed
to live again without the fear these memories seem to bring

One day the sleepless nights will be in the distant past
and I'll be me without the shadows these dreadful memories cast
but for now freedom is only a dream that the future holds
patiently awaiting me to break free from these chains
to no longer be captive to the memories tonight has to bring

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