Capture Him

I want to paint you
The way I want to paint the sunset.
Splash the universe across a canvas,
Capture infinities with a brush.
My brush.
Coated bristles
Dripping truth,
Trailing dreams.
Your body is my muse:
Lips of satin
Eyes like storms,
Or seas,
Skin the petals of a flower
I always long to taste.
I want to paint you
And every bite mark
On your shoulders,
Your neck,
Every fingerprint I leave-
Or unseen.
Clothed or unclothed.
You’re a sirem
And I’m a drowning ship rat.
You tether me.
You are my sun
And my moon
And an eternity of stars.
I want to paint you,
Spray your smile
In the alleys
Of every city I cross.
Replace your blood with ink
And etch you into my pores.
Pull you into my soul,
Fill my emptiness
With your heartbeat.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this while working on a journal for my boyfriend's birthday. I've written poetry about him before, but this was the first that I wrote FOR him, and the most personal I think I'd written to date. It was a step away from my usual subject matter, for sure, and one of my favorite pieces.