You captured my heart a world apart
I must say with every new passing day
My thoughts in dismay
I want you here with me
That sets our spirits free
Why can't all those men just let you be

Dear our time is very near
I want to make all of this clear
My promise to you is sincere
In no way should you ever fear
If I'm being honest with you
Or if I will treat you right
I got your back and I don't like to fight
I worry about your day and night
That my love is too far out of sight

My mind always off in some distant place
Your such a beautiful girl
A minority among your race
I know this is hard for you to shake
I can only imagine the look on your face
How you have always wanted to disappear without a trace
Out in public always having to hide your face
Never making eye contact
In fear they might give chase

They never understand you wanted nothing
To do with that place
Our love is so strong
It seems like this whole thing is taking too long
I would never let you down or steer you wrong
Hope you know I think about you
All the times I hear a love song
We must prepare not live in dispare
Must not waste any more time
Because having to wait is so unfair

We need to play this smart
Trusting in God who played such a big part
All of this time has an effect on our hearts
I don't want any of this to go bad
It's easy to be sad because we are so far away
I have to say I can't do this blind
You have to know it all messes with my mind

You must find a way to except I would never betray
Your love in any way
Our bond will last forever
If we work together
Our love will grow
Big enough to fill up a room
Trust me and together we will agree
There is never going to be
A love like ours for us to see

You mean so much with that special touch
You're my queen for I have never seen
Anyone that has been so truthful and honest in every way
I love you more with every passing day
Soon you will be my wife
Nothing can come between us or tear our love apart
Baby this is for real and how we will spend the rest of our life

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Finding love in a distant land that starts with a plan.