Capturing the Moment

The clouds drift idly above
The afternoon heat is sweltering
Time appears to suspend itself and
An overwhelming wave of lethargy is settling

A blue jay sits on the branch of a small tree nearby
The fragile branches drooping
The radiant blues of the bird
Stand out from its dull green surroundings
As it rests in the cool shade
Of the leaves that are swaying

It adjusts its position
Now sitting in plain view
Proud, nonchalant and carefree
Tilting its head towards the sky

The coal-black eyes exuding a stern, noble air
The golden afternoon sunlight
Shines on the blue jay's face
Like a blanket of sunshine resting over the feathers
The perfect image lasts only a second

The bird leans forward slightly
And his wings flap in a burst of motion
Falling leaves quiver as the bird streaks past
Leaving behind an afterimage of swirling blue feathers

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