Caramelized Sugar

Your dead-end road gave me a heartbreak
Your masochistic ways
You burned me like a witch at the stake
I remember our days
The days we…

Jammed out to Ghostbusters
My heart alone was flustered
Our loud mistakes, your lust was
Caramelized sugar
You beat me at my own game
Grand Theft Auto was the name
You stole my heart, you’re to blame
Caramelized sugar

My haunted house you claimed to posses
Your ghost haunted my halls
Me, I was such a work-in-progress
So I quit my job

Voulez coucher avec moi
Your love is all that I want
I’ll take your poison so raw
Caramelized sugar
How dare you treat me that way
How dare you ruin my days
Your bluntness went on a blaze
Caramelized sugar

Your homestead house is not steady
I’ll be mouse when you’re ready
Sometimes you get the payback
When the lottery gives you cash
I won your heart, I won it good
Then I lost you in the woods
Your trees just blew my sane
Right out from my window pane
I was your diamond
You were my stone
It killed me unkind to let you go
Then once I was resuscitated
My thoughts for you were elevated
I would’ve had that life for you
But instead you kept me unglued
Screw you
I’ll get back that paper you drew
And draw a new love for me too

I’ll get back my well-ending
A new time with him spending
You are so condescending
Caramelized sugar
I’ll stop thinking about you
You won’t haunt all that I do
That way we’ll finally be through
Caramelized sugar

That way we’ll finally be through
Caramelized sugar

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This Poems Story

This poem is about heartbreak; I was head-over-heels with this man.