Cardiology 101

101 lesson on cardiac tissue
After damage, it heals
As other body parts do
But what’s funny, in truth
Once healing is through
Function does not renew
Healing repairs damage
The glue hearts use,
Called scar tissue
Has issues
Electric impulses
Can’t pass through
Each passing heartbreak
Complicates starting anew
Too many what’s-his-faces
And you-know-whos
So scar the heart
Love impulses have
Nowhere to run to
Each cardiac blow equals
Increased cardiac obduracy
Equals technically
I no longer feel
Too many breaks
Equal too much numb
Love heals all
Equals a lie
Healed heart can’t feel
Absence of stimuli
Equals to die
Equals love doesn’t heal you
Equals love kills you
Leaves me questioning
Am I ready to die
Am I even still alive

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