Care-giving, mayhem, and murder


Being locked indoors, not feeling the fresh air
masks cover faces and hugs are off limits.
Only going to work and home is taking a toll.
I try to be positive as the wrinkled faces of
elderly patients are all I have around to see.
If not at work, home is where I'll be with my nose in a
thrilling book of bloodshed. How can I be stuck indoors
reading crime thrillers but, show up to work with a
delighted look on my face as the world around us is
falling apart. Because being a caregiver, I've learned
to brighten their days before our time together is no
more. Even though they are terrified to hold hands,
rest assured you're loved ones are holding out to touch
again. As for me, if a hug is requested I will not turn
them away since this is the only touch they have for
the moment. I'm cautious however I'm a hugger first.
I spend time with them so often that it affects my life
as well. So, while trapped inside for months or wearing
a mask is the "new" normal. For me, care giving and
murder mysteries are what keep me sane while the world
around us is slowly in shambles.

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