Career vs Social age

By Tannie   

Using fingers, everyone started
to count from the very first day;
When you had just stepped out
From your mother's womb.
Then you crossed days, months,
Seasons and years.
Now you gonna step into 30s.
And till now they are continuing
Their count.
But today they are using fingers
Not just for counting, but also
For pointing at you by drawing
A Border of marriage.
Yes! They are just distracting you
By chirping a lot but meaningless.
It's the time to knot with other-half
But not with your own "Careered-persona".
Don't you really want to know---
Whether age is just a number
Or, a so-called border portrayed by Society?

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Key Words : Border, Marriage, Careered-persona, Society

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This Poems Story

This poem is a replica of a cold-war which takes place among mind, career, age and society. This is a kind of revolt called against society.