By Brown11   

I except all the good memories have died, there's nothing left but to pack the past up and put all the rest into the back of my crowded mind.

I've moved on no more is the relaxed me, don't even attempt to ask me how I'm feeling, my emotions are teeter totting on the edge of collapsing.

Im over lapping, my nerves are feeling like a nervous wreck like if I look to the left I'll flip out and take out a curve at best

So here's what next...

Its time to chuck it, let's put life to the test, cause why?

well what else do you do when your running on no rest

If my actions cause a reaction to satisfy dissatisfaction from the ones I love or the good Lord above am I an addic looking for an Adic to crawl into and retract after my catastrophic
aftermath creates a habit

If the meaning has no meaning and it's a continuous act of constant proceeding are we free to leave the secne so easily if so what are the repercussions will we reap

While my thoughts are all alone, and they lost thier only home, and I'm caught in a world where there appears to be no norm do I fear to be scorned.

Am I then awarded carelessness, and allowed graduate to arrogance only to realize it's apparent I've caused my own inheritance I've come to congenial to the idea it is what it is so there it is.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem for a friend battling addiction. My goal was to understand their point of view of there current life choices