My beloved daughter,
if only you knew.
The things I'd do,
to protect you.
Their isn't a mountain I wouldn't climb,
nor a path I wouldn't take.
To save you from,
whatever mite be at stake.
Carina my queena you are
everything to me.
Until the day I leave this earth,
you'll be the sunrise to my morning
You are the very moon,
that lights my sky.
And the bright stars
that twinkle in my eye.
It feels like just yesterday,
I made to you this vow.
That I'd devote my life to you,
no matter how.
It's been 10 years now,
man how time flies.
Since you were just a little baby,
fresh in our lives.
Now look how you've grown,
and how gorgeous you have become.
Far too smart for your own good,
but we know who you got that from. :)
You are so beautiful!
you have a constant glow.
From the outside as well as within,
your beauty it shows.
My daughter never forget
the love we have for you.
And never under-estimate the things,
the power of love would make us capable to do.

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    This Poems Story

    This poem I wrote for my amazing daughter Carina .