Carl the Caterpillar

Carl the caterpillar was a pretty quiet guy;
In fact, to be quite honest, he was what you might call shy.
He crawled along the leaves and grass, his life just inching by,
But somewhere deep within his soul, he yearned to touch the sky.
He longed to know the feeling of being up so high-
To say"Good day" to friendly clouds, as they go floating by.
That dream was just beyond his reach; he couldn't tell just why.
He missed his goal time and again, no matter how he'd try.
But wanted it so bad it hurt, and sometimes made him cry.
He wouldn't give up on his dream, to his heart he couldn't lie.
And then the thought occurred to him-to achieve his dream to fly,
He'd rest to gather all his strength, a cocoon he would apply.
So if your dream is strong enough, and courage you supply,
It can come true, like Carl's, you see -
Now he's a butterfly.

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