Right now Im not able to cope with the fact that your gone... So I wont... Im embracing this pain with open arms... Lord knows he hurt me when he took you from me.. I know you're in a better place, but right here with me could've lasted longer... IM NOT A SELFISH PERSON But I WANT YOU BACK... For years now your heart ached to travel to that magical place, its someone there who's been waiting on you, Someone who YOU needed more than I needed you which is Essence knowing you two are reunited brings me joy because I know you're finally at peace.. I'll hold on to our memories Good or Bad no matter what ppl thought of you I was proud to call you MINE I never COULD deny you nor was embarrassed of how you were... I loved you no wait I LOVE YOU Flaws and all and for TEACHING ME TO ALWAYS BE COMFORTABLE W WHO I AM... Fly High baby but not to high I dont want you to get lost in the sky... Idk when Im coming But I hope and pray when I get to those gates I can hear you on the other side screaming MISS NAILATIN... I refuse to say GOODBYE SO I'll SEE YOU LATER .!!! Rest Peacefully AUNT CARLA
JANUARY 15th 2016

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