Carpe Diem

The red blood just seeps deeper in my veins,
makes it darker than its leaf like green color
I feel the need to prove, the need to succeed
to be the armour, in the day of the doom.
The nervousness of a child remains replaced
it is replaced by an impregnable rush.
This is my carpe diem.
Reaching the farthest of rubicon,
The depths of which mirror the highs of heights.
Gone are the days of folderol,
which still remains etched in their shallow minds.
A better version of me, runs wild to prove them wrong again.
This is my carpe diem.
The trigger of my gun is returned back to me,
after being fondled by myriad thumbs.
I see the angels being unchained
and devouring the shadow of the black devil.
ubiquitous sadness inside is overshadowed
by the conspicuous happiness on the outside.
This is my carpe diem.
yesterday remains slithering behind,
while today rolls out forward and brighter.
I can't feel the firm grip of your bony hands anymore,
as they have lost the power to stop me,
mentally, emotionally and physically.
This is my carpe diem.

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