I am the person sitting in the sidelines taking in all the action I, am the psychyatrist that everyone takes they're problems to I, am the eyes watching over east egg like they are underneath me, yet I don't know their stories let alone them, yet they tell me everything as if they think I'm gonna keep their information in a safe locked up and kept from others which I do, because once something secret goes in my ears I don't let it somehow slip out the tunnel called my mouth. I'm confused, really, on how these people whom I'm never met me, constantly. I'm polite though, I listen. And never breath a word. My head is filled with roads and boulevards of broken dreams and promises. The mysteries of men and life confuse me with various questions that are destined not to be answered. Lives filled with parties, alcohol, drugs, and sex meant to conceal the wounded parts of ourselves that we live in trying to heal with kisses from the people who give themselves to us because its they're obligation an option yet not alone ours but ourselves scared to let the other people see and find out the truth about us because we don't even know the truth about ourselves. We, are ghosts in our own bodies. Spirits. We can't find ourselves because we have hidden ourselves so well that we can't remember the coordinates to where we were last. I know, because I can't even find myself. She is lost in the dark and it wasn't all my fault because people who have made fun of me for the years have made her feel inferior to her own body and she got pushed out. I am the person standing in a dark alleyway watching everything pass by. I am the one being updated constantly by whats happening but It wasn't time for my system to be updated I, am the innocent I kinda am like nick off the great Gatsby...confused yet not, with yet without, alive...but not

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