Carried to Heaven

What to say, when you're all out of breath
What to do, when you're so close to death
How do you live on, when the machine says you won't
When your family says do, but the doctors say don't
How will you feel, when your senses shut down
How will you breath, when you're about to drown
Questions come alive, just as you die
And one question biggest of all, is just why
Your vision goes dim, and your screaming for help
But no sound comes out, you're all by yourself
Down you sink, in the black mass of passing
Silently you float, through the dark mist gasping
This is the end, there's no more of me
Is the thought that swims with you, in the depths of the sea
And there in the deep, in the dark pool of dying
An angel grabs you, and takes you up flying
Now you're not, in the dark pools clasp
But the angel of God, has you in his grasp
He's taking you to Heaven, where your mansion is awaiting
Onward he looks, his face illuminating
You see his face shining, and you look up to see
What’s causing the light, and what you see is a tree
An old rugged tree, in the shape of a cross
The one that saved you, and the rest of the lost
It wasn't the tree, that did all the saving
It was the man who died, that did the paying
Next on the journey, that long journey Home
Is a hole in the ground, with no body to hold
The tomb that was empty, it stands empty still
He used it for a while, but the man death couldn't kill
The angel looks too, he's also amazed
For that was also his God, that rose from the grave
You look to your left, and see Jesus himself
Eleven men in a room, then suddenly appears a twelfth
To your right you see three, with their eyes fixed on Jesus
Who is ascending in the sky, to go make intercession between us
That was my God, you say eyes full of tears
You now begin to realize, how you've been loved through the years
The angel just smiles, and says back to you
You'd better look up, Heaven's coming into view
You do as he says, and just what you find
Is that your eyes are now opened, you are no longer blind
A city gets closer, as you reach the end of your flight
The angel sets you down, and you're blinded by the light
Not a power source or lightbulb, at all can be seen
Because the city reflects, the light of the King
You look with wide eyes, at what lays ahead
It's Heaven and suddenly, you forget that you're dead
You see the saints gathering, and your angel bows the knee
For the very Lord of hosts is coming to greet you, you see
You try to bow your head, as He walks up to you
But taking your eyes off Him, is something you can't do
He looks down on you, with love lasting forever
And smiles a smile, the likes of which you've seen never
He holds you in His arms, as the saints gather round
And what he says as with, your faithfulness you are crowned
Is a song you've always, longed by Him to be sung
Welcome home my child, well done

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This Poems Story

This is what I imagine will happen when I die.