Carrot Top

Dear Future Daughter,
If you end up with my hair color somehow, brace yourself for the array of ginger jokes you will receive in your lifetime.
That or very kind elderly people in the supermarket, recalling their past with the sight of the stop sign on your head.
You will hear about their best friend from college with "the same wonderful hair color as you" , or how "people pay so much money for that color in salons but can never quite get it right"
You will get tired of it. You may use laughter as a defense for the school yard jokes you will receive
The dumb nicknames,
"Ginger" “Firecracker" “Soulless"
And sometimes it may not hurt.
But sometimes, it will.
Your insecurities will claw from inside,
Burning your eyes and Staining your cheeks.
Words are swords, and those who bare them don't know how sharp they are until they hear the cries of the wounded.
And even then, some show no mercy. You will hear it all. You WILL get tired of it. You will pass by the hair dye aisle with envy, wondering why this happened to you.
You will probably resent me for the wonderful genes I've passed down to you. You will wonder why you couldn't have "normal hair".
But darling, your hair is the match in a dark room.
Glowing and bringing light everywhere your feet will take you.
You are Art, with pale skin like a canvas, painted with thousands of freckles, like perfectly placed stars.
You are the sun, with passion and determination creating a fire within you that pumps through your veins, throwing expectations aside and letting you view the world as your playground.
Never think "Can I?” For I want you to always think "I will".
Your hair is your attitude, which will sometimes get the best of you. It is also what sets you apart, what makes you a fruit loop in a sea of cherrios. You're the girl with dreams in her heart and flame in her hair.
Igniting the path on which you walk, each foot step turning the floor in charred black coals beneath your feet.
For when you get knocked down, you will rise above the ash. Because you are the Girl on Fire

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