Carry On

He stood alone, except for his platoon.
Their heads held high, full of pride.
Their mission laid out, no room for doubt.
With fearless hearts they awaited the fight.
Trained and taught they were well prepared,
or so they thought.
But as day turned to night and night into day,
They grew weary, they're souls broken and bent.
Forever changed by what they had seen-what they had done.
A soldiers heart torn apart.
All his scars, he does well to hide.
The lives he had saved,
The souls he had took...
fill his mind and consume his heart.
It was his duty, yes, just a job.
But the things it had him do, oh how he wished could be undone.
They invade his dreams and haunt his mind.
Try as he may, he can't make them go away.
Yet, he still holds his head high, salutes, and carries on into another day.
Now the war is over and he's back at home.
He finds it harder still to hold on to his sanity.
Slowly, he slips further away.
Everyday a struggle to make it through the day.
He tries so hard not to show his shame, his fear.
Yet, deep inside he finds a way to smile, wave, and carry on into another day.
If only someone knew just what he had went through.
The burden, he believes, is his to bare.
After all; a soldier, does not share.
Strong and true he attempted to follow through.
Filling his days building the bike of his dreams.
Consuming his mind with every detail.
Perfection achieved as you can see.
and for a while, his mind seemed well.
But, once again the guilt crept in.
His heart devoured by sadness,
His mind turning to madness.
If only the despair could be replaced.
Forgiveness his soul surely craves.
He kneels, ands he prays," Please, God, make it go away. Take this pain and sadness away."
Solace he does find.
A little comfort in this darkest of times.
And as he rides, and the people pass by..
He smiles, waves and carries on into another day.
All was well, as far as anyone could tell.
But no one knew just what he had been through.
It must have been so very hard to bare.
He had given it all so that others could be free.
Yes, he gave it all for you and for me.
Even at home, he protected us still
from seeing the madness that was his misery.
And one last time, He smiled, He laughed and then He cried.
He let go of the sadness, embraced God's forgiveness.
And carried on to his eternal home.
Now we will lay him to rest.
We will smile, We will laugh, and We will cry.
We will honor the sacrifices that he made.
Remembering his selfless and heroic ways.
And just as he did so many times...
With our heads held high,
We too shall carry on into another day.

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