Carry on Wayward Lass

Feeling jaded by your departure,
I find myself alone with my continuous inquiries.
Our commonalities lay few and far between,
Yet one I remember gave a heartwarming notion.
I hear voices whisper when my weary head finds rest.
The whispers say “Carry on little wayward lass.
For serenity will be brought when your time comes.”
Heaven waits for my return someday,
With you gazing over a bridge above rushing waters.
Sensing my presence without even witnessing me,
You greet me as if no time has passed at all,
In a place where time is nonexistent.
Once my earth body is laid to rest,
I shall cry no more, for the suffering will vanish,
When I finally see you again.

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Key Words : wayward, heaven, time

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This Poems Story

My father passed away in 2016 and he and I were both fans of the show Supernatural. This poem reflects the show’s ending, which I hope to get with my dad when my time comes, but it also reflects the show’s main song which is Carry On Wayward Son by the band Kansas.