Carry Your Own Leash

I can preach it all I want,
But it takes a special person to teach it,
And someone on the other side willing to learn what he’s teaching,
The reasoning,
That can enable the reaching,
Into somebody’s head to keep that mind from screeching,
And letting it out not from the pores on his skin,
But out of his mouth like a serpent’s tongue flicked out and in,
And those outbursts are sins,
And in Momma Bird’s eyes,
That’s inviting her to kick you out the nest forcing you to fly,
Nowadays I am in the same boat,
Not with her,
Not necessarily though because I pilot the boat that suits me,
And it’s separate from you two who may need to separate,
For a minute,
And go into timeout for being childishly irate,
I’m in the boat that shows care without hate,
A cage without a door because I know that in there I am safe,
For my mind has a safe,
That is unlocked so I can take in one hundred percent of the world around me,
Which is why balance found me,
In the heat of the moment when my head was pounding,
To ease the pain I opened my book and started sounding off,
Like I was about to rip the face off The Hoff,
Hell I Bruce Lee’d that paper with a resounding kachaw,
Lethal hands of a different sort,
Saw me coming back at you with some kind of fucked up retort,
But that don’t matter to me anymore,
What matters to me is mom and dad not reacting to eachother so hardcore,
They better carry their own leashes or get the fuck out the door!
You see,
I can do it too,
But by loosening the collar your passion shows through,
Loosen too much and passion gets negative and begins to confuse,
And refuse,
Until you are left out of it like a kicked can of refuse looking for storm shelter refuge,
And it’s huge,
Because you don’t want to be left in the doghouse,
Feeling used,
Chained up and abused,
So if you will,
Take a moment to set aside your views,
Check your passion at the gate,
So hate doesn’t make you lose,
Your mind,
Your body,
And the heart you brought up,
Be aware of your loud actions if you truly give a fuck.

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