At first I roamed the streets alone,
No one by my side.
No one, true place I'd call home,
On my one-lane ride.

I'd travel 'round the world,
To London, Italy.
To prove to people I'm the best,
And they should be like me.

Then I came across a place,
One that's not well-known.
Who knew, that soon, one day,
I'd call this new place home?

I learned that I had friends,
[A] family, if you will.
Fame is not your journey's end,
Every second, we fulfill.

I met someone I see real fine,
She's always on my mind.
I want to call her mine,
For her, I'd win this race of life.

I became the missing hero
Of this radiant, swift race.
I went from one to zero;
The consequences of this place.

I started out the best,
I gave that up real quick.
For my best friend, crush, [and] the rest,
It was them I picked.

Now I roam these streets with love, family, and kin.
I guess it's clear that, after all, I really did still win.

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