Go to the glittered house where the rules are all pre-set
praying for divine luck with the hued wages that you'll bet,
playing a hunch with a dark colored chip
the thrill and excitement of getting rich quick
appeals to every soul

the spin of a wheel, the draw of a card
or roll of the dice to come up hard,
you tap the green felt to ask for a hit
the card they turn up always seems one too big
those flashy bandits with one arm, will withdraw your every cent
picking your pocket quickly as you end up lost in debt,

i’ve seen many people lose their winnings in hand
greedily risking their bounty, thinking their profit will stand,
so take a clue from me… bet nothing if you can
just sit and watch vicariously, you’ll come out a richer man.

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Tags : Gambling, Money, Winning

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    This Poems Story

    Just a poem on gambling and how the house always wins. So the only way to be a winner is not to gamble at all, or at least be smart enough to walk away, if you\'ve got the disiplin, when you are winning.