I come with a dark soul, to kill your happiness
I feast on each of you to make you realize your nothingness
I decide the severity, and the torture to make one's heart bleed
I come with faces that you will never forget Even if you go to sleep
I have touched many with my cruelty
I love seeing them cry, those salt in their eyes, it's filthy .

I observe where you come from, if it's Dalit , I crush you with my leg
I destroy your hopeful eyes, pleading for fairness, because I love seeing your fearful body shake
There is no limit to me being an evil
You can never win me, since you people will never be able to reveal
If you all unite and fight I will lose
Except I know it's never going to happen, given only few choose to speak blues

India is a caste ridden society? Who told you this lie
It's still there demolishing your inner self, like a disgusting stalker guy
If you ought to get rid of me
You must know that
India is the land of democracy, a land of diversity and caste system is never the way
Like law is against caste, you should learn to do the same, treat everyone with equality : anytime and any day.

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