The pages of life turn rapidly fast,
If you blink you'll miss it and your life will pass,
They say home is where the heart is,
But what a shame,
Cause everyone’s heart doesn't beat the same,
Mine’s beating out of tune,
Ruining it’s easy as it could be,
It could all go down like a ship in the sea,
So please stop hurting me,
And when you look down,
you’ll see me all the way at rock bottom,
But I’ll be clawed’ back up,
So now you got a problem,
I’ll take castle and never look back,
The things that I did are now things of the past,
And when I look back from the top of my throne,
I’ll see my lonely little house,
The place that I called home.

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This Poems Story

This Poem is about a journey through life where you start as a baby, with your small house. The you experience life and eventually look back to where you started and remember all the pains you went through to get there