Everything is the green note c more nope. I do have a flow cylindrical dope joke without hope. Yes it less this slain head not dumb lavish living to pay a car note. Yep probably not won't ever have drinks and ride a luxury boat.

I wouldn't know how to get one so do know this wrote broken the things. I find the things need no price my soul infected by supersonic doom. Nor does my health my heart the physical one wrap wounds.
Or neither does so called love no one but the goat type it doesn't.

That's because I am not defined by how much money I make by c notes curse. Well I'm not rich but I still want that castle living in.
Unstable to work it hurts my leg attached to my head ass kicked. But it's all the worth ever to keep fighting pillows with pigeons. I have this very moment no cemetery to walk at night.

There is no bread to feed my face with some Chinese food on my plate and bills are not paid. While I am without an awesome Goth family to smoke cigarettes while high. For the use of electricity of rent late we would just play in the city feet.
I write this to be deep in sleep one of the things that makes me the memory follows apart.

All of my poems hold struggle the happy stains burden forgiven worthy underserved. This attraction to light skin women is not really worse than those who have done things onto me not pleasant. Messed up a curt deposition of opposition on a mission for cute kittens little listen those people.

I do not to them the sequel made wine sinning not for me sin what friends in?
I in danger while grinning in me ending joy deploy magic stone worms smoked.
For some self-healing assurance rat dump poop buffoonery that I need not to be stolen. The INS line written straight lather rinse repeat.

That she is way we seek day below down on a knee between her spread together be ever live our fantasy in creamy nights alone. Even better lights start to appear out this covering brassiere.
It is dangling overhead mines so serious I a blight of ability. The animal nature nicks of trash blazed over the pavement. I could paint a picture for you sister and then dismiss you.

For later a cracker shed skin for me bonkers going in over after a disaster took place take ideas territory. I knew it staying real to the goat no kissy face unpleasant expressed. What is it?
The day sensible lavish majestic breaks from dirt and the bad smells grow.

This could be it the end finally well in a casket. No luck of the duck there is any, brain dead enough alley temper comparison venture. The ups and downs the great vine castle lavished dreams center.
A dreamy dark ever glade prop up robots slick stock fetus knock pop goes the weasel up. Now it is out a diseased pig snout sneeze breath aloud stink breath.

Known it the rash fashion not interested in that habit the dressing up kind of thing any. I'm a makers happen entity taking a leak in the sink. A blonde little girl inside him speaks evil under her feet the last the least the demonic beast sown.

It's the ghost me standing over humans with rope to reap around the neck. They are in between my teeth blood giving without money. The broke and unemployed like some of the most I know there is an end to this show.

I won't let go of the passion no this is not bragging its magic on paper fantastic major greater than anything.
This is made of another person's brain not capable of mine to obtain. This superior logic in his pain wisdom I bring.
I am overt holding no shame about my vision.

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A dream to live unencumbered with fancy things awaited to be received.